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Mano’s strong interest in male erotic photography has evolved throughout history. Only since the 70’s artists can represent bodies of naked men from plastic point of view, without justification. Until then the trend was, but always concealed. So, this interest in its history linked to the attraction Mano feels for certain types of male beauty, is what made him start working on this kind of portraits, a genre that he has so admired in other photographers and now he is part.br> His portraits speak only of him, even through other bodies. On the anatomy of its models he turns your wishes, desires and feelings, seizes his gestures and in a way, vampirizes. When he began working on this series of portraits no artistic discourse was not raised. I just wanted to make the kind of portrait he likes as a spectator, which fascinates him. His photography is a photography of celebration of the male body. Warhol, Pierre et Gilles, Bacon, Mappletorpe, Weber, Ritts, etc were the first channeled this trend and they helped to achieve true freedom of expression and normalization of the male nude in art. Painting, even if erotic or pornographic, was Art and hung in museums, but photography was only private consumption. His realism made for dissemination had to adopt existing codes in the other arts, always quoting classical antiquity. Nevertheless, all that erotic male photography masked ranging from 1839 to 1969, set guidelines and broke taboos, so that influenced in which it is done today, and not only artistically but also advertising. You could say that male erotic photography without justifications Art returns to its place before the arrival of Christianity, before the arrival of the prohibitions.

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Since emciphoto inception, Matías Coronado dedicated long time in the study and observation of the male human body and its intrinsic beauty, stripped of all clothing to be photographed and shown to all who want to know and appreciate. Artistic nude male photography is undoubtedly synonymous of emciphoto.

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In general I do not have many arguments to describe me as photographer. I let other interpret what I do, then I explain if it is necessary. Really, when I started with photography not long ago, I did not know what I would do, what style to approach. So I got carried away…The expression of the faces of professional or non-professional models, the body language of each one inspires me, connects me in their world, in their mental state. I love the portraits, the nudes in general, they define me as a photographer.

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